history in the heart of town

... is a nice place in a historical locality of Hradec Králové which will inspire your stay with the right mood and atmosphere. The entire house has undergone a demanding, complete, and sensitive reconstruction which added historic undertones to its modern housing / accommodation concept. We’ve always tried to provide our guests with peace and comfort, without sacrificing anything about our building’s original historical image.



Our operating model provides complete accommodation services, i.e., you can stay with us for a single day, several days, or weeks, lease our premises medium-term for a few months, or long-term for a couple of years.


We also provide our guests with limited-time reception services and manage a non-stop phone line to ensure necessary help or assistance. We speak Czech and English.


The city itself has a very good location. Hradec Králové is sought-after due to its infrastructure and flat terrain. It’s a good spot for cyclists, in-line skaters, or runners. You can visit the Dvůr Králové Safari Park near the city, hike in the Krkonoše or Orlické hory, or go to see rock formations around the town of Jičín.


Our services are used both by individuals and entire families. The house accommodates anyone without exception. Our lift allows you to easily move baby prams or disabled people, as well as furniture and luggage. There’s a smoking and bicycle room at your disposal. Tenants and guests can use our laundry room. The entire house has a functioning internet connection for work and leisure, and is non-smoking only (or rather the interior is).


The city centre location guarantees many social and cultural activities. The city has many bars and restaurants, as well as galleries, museums, and theatres. The old town is full of history and you can tour it with no rush. There are opportunities to relax or do sports within walking distance, both in indoor and outdoor venues. You can also visit the local football and hockey stadium, located in the immediate vicinity.



accommodation for everyone

If you’re looking for a good place in our city to spend a business or private trip, or housing in a great neighbourhood where you’d feel really great, please don’t hesitate and pay us a visit. We’re looking forward to seeing you.



We also provide medium- and long-term housing in our suites. There are several types of suites / flats designated for this purpose, from studio to large comfort two-room flats. The suites are partially or completely furnished. Housing at our place is very comfortable and sought-after. Our clients always feel at home with us.

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We also provide comfortable short-term accommodation in our suites, starting from one-day stays. Accommodation in our residence is comparable to 3-star hotel services. Individuals and groups can both stay at our residence, for as long as they wish. Most of our suites are suitable for families with children. The accommodation comes with paid parking and optional breakfasts in the neighbouring building.

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The reception is part of the administrative facility of the building and is not open to the public without any staff assistance. At the reception we handle the usual administration, connected with the arrival of guests, or handling the matters of tenants. We are able to provide you with a common office agenda. Reception opening hours are limited in time.

reception office

We will talk to everyone, either in Czech or English. We usually provide our entire agenda in English, as well as documents such as lease agreements or reports on the stay of foreigners. We also help foreigners communicate with the authorities in our country.

we speak English

During the reception desk’s business hours but especially outside them, you can reach us by calling the number of our non-stop phone line. We can handle all of your relevant questions and naturally help you solve any issue. If necessary (during night hours), our employee will visit you to resolve the situation personally. The telephone number is +420 727 920 882.

non-stop line

Our entire building is strictly non-smoking, in all interiors. There is a space reserved for smokers in the courtyard (in the backyard), where a smoking room with seating has been built, as well as a space in front of the main entrance to the building (only the ashtray itself is available, to maintain order).

non-smoking facility

You can also use our services with pets, such as dogs or cats (or other small pets). Their presence must be reported to us so that we know about them. For hotel guests, this is an additional service (with a greater demand for cleaning after check-out).

pets are welcome

Public areas in our house are monitored by a camera system. The same applies to such areas as the indoor bicycle room, laundry, and reception desk. This makes the building perfectly safe. To protect the privacy of our tenants, we don’t view the camera records unless safety in the house is compromised.

camera system

While staying with us, tenants can use the common laundry to wash and dry their clothes. The room containing washing machines and dryers is a part of the house and is available non-stop, free of charge. There is no order assigned so you don’t need to book the room in advance. The area is monitored with a security camera.

laundry room

To ensure our tenants’ comfort, we provide a personal life which allows you to move between the residential floors without limitations. This is an easy way to transport people, luggage, bicycles, prams, or immobile citizens. The lift holds 12 people, i.e., is suitable for large groups.


Public areas also include areas for safe storage of bicycles. For these purposes, a space is defined in the yard (under the roof), or monitored room at the back entrance to the house. Bicycles can also be placed directly in some apartments.

perfect for cyclists

The Mlsoun café and wine bar sells a diverse assortment of excellent coffee, quality wine, and additional range of products, such as desserts, chocolate, small refreshment, etc. The renowned firm is highly sought-after, among other things due to its regular tasting evenings (www.mlsoun.eu).

café/wine bar

The building’s ground floor houses an authentic Indian-Nepalese restaurant (TANDOOR RESTAURANT). This isn’t an affiliated business. The restaurant serves various meals from the cuisine of these countries’, starting with lunch and ending with leisurely late dinners (www.indickanepalska.cz).


All multi-bed apartments are sufficient for whole families. In the spacious kitchen you will prepare all-day meals for everyone, the space for entertainment will be provided by the living room and a comfortable bedroom or a raised floor. You can bring the stroller to the apartment, thanks to a spacious elevator.

families with children

Each suite is connected to the indoor WiFi internet network—a high-speed connection, with individual endpoints limited to ensure a quality stable partial connection, with no collapse or loss of signal. The internet speed is suitable for work and leisure. You’ll always be online with our internet. 


We promote environmentally-friendly disposal and separation of waste which is why we provide you with the opportunity to sort their waste into mixed waste (standard black container), paper (blue container), and plastics (yellow container). The waste containers are placed in the courtyard. 

waste separation


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