residence  history 

There are 2 buildings in Hradec Králové that bear the historical name Boromeum, namely the original Borromaeum in the old town in Špitálská Street and the new one, standing on Orlické nábřeží. Both buildings originally served as a dormitory for high school students to prepare for further study in the seminary. The older one was put into operation in 1860 and the newer one in 1902 as a replacement for its already unsatisfactory predecessor.

Today, both buildings serve a modified purpose. The elderly, after a number of changing owners, serve after a thorough reconstruction of several years as BOROMEUM RESIDENCE, ie as residential housing, in combination with hotel operations with a restaurant, cafe and wine bar. The newer one is used for pedagogical purposes - the Bishop's Grammar School of Bohuslav Balbín.



Boromeum history timeline


  • 1850 - the beginning of the collection of funds for the construction of the Borromaea building
  • 1855 - purchase of house no. 183
  • 1857 - purchase of houses no. 184, 192
  • 1858 - demolition of houses no. 183, 184, 192 and laying of the foundation stone of the building
  • 1860 - start of the Borromeaum boys' seminary
  • 1912 - the building passes to the administration of the post office - c.k. Austrian Post
  • 2004 - purchase of the building by Špitálská s.r.o. and the start of the reconstruction of the 1st stage
  • 2006 - completion of the 1st stage of reconstruction and start of operation called BOROMEUM RESIDENCE
  • 2010 - start of the 2nd stage of reconstruction in the current operation
  • 2012 - start of full operation of BOROMEUM RESIDENCE