tenancy and service  pricelist 

Price of lease can be adjusted to include such services that satisfy the tenant’s needs, and to reflect their options. Naturally, the price is contractual and each individual case is assessed individually. This pricelist helps you to get an idea of the final price. Prices are based on the assumption of long-term tenancy, i.e., one which lasts six months at least. Shorter tenancies are handled on a purely individual basis.



The basic lease price includes basic services, statutory VAT, utilities, internet connection (WiFi), waste disposal, and access to the common laundry room. Tenants must pay a refundable deposit before the start of their lease. The amount depends on the length of the lease and the furnishings being leased. Usually, it’s equivalent to the price of leasing a suite for two months. The deposit is refunded at the end of the lease, provided that the suite is handed over intact and in the same condition as upon the start of the lease (clean).



one-room apartments
small size 12.500 CZK / month
middle size 13.000 CZK / month
big size 16.000 CZK / month


two-room apartments
standard 17.500 CZK / month
comfort 21.000 CZK / month


surcharges for the number of persons
1st person 0 CZK / month
2nd person 600 CZK / month
3rd person 1.300 CZK / month
4th person 1.300 CZK / month


cleaning services
every week 2.500 CZK / month
every two weeks 1.500 CZK / month
disposable (individual) 1.500 CZK


apartment equipment
basic (furniture only) 0 CZK / month
complete (all) 1.100 CZK / month


additional services
duplicate apartment key 1.000 CZK
maintenance beyond routine work 500 CZK / started hour
reception after 6pm 500 CZK / started hour
breakfast 125 CZK / pers. / day
parking 150 CZK / day (24 hours max.)