residential city centre  housing 

Our residence specialises in letting residential premises, mostly for housing purposes. This concerns letting suites / flats for months-long stays, i.e., for one month and longer. We’ve designated several basic types of suites (divided by size) for this purpose, as well as furnishing types and additional services. The suites are let to both domestic and foreign clients (we speak English). Tenants are guaranteed maximum comfort, pleasant environment, and a sense of safety. It’s our goal to make our tenants feel at home.

The entire house is strictly non-smoking, with the exception of the outdoor smoking area. There are designated areas for keeping bicycles. Prams can be parked either in the suites, or in the hallway by your suite. They can be easily moved between floors due to our high-capacity lift (a personal lift for 12 people).




The length of tenancy isn’t restricted - the residential housing service can be arranged for periods ranging from one month to indefinitely. A standard lease agreement is signed with each tenant, for limited (fixed tenancy) or unlimited period of time (indefinite tenancy), with a notice period.


We primarily let suites with basic furnishings—equipped only with furniture and basic appliances (fridge, hob, cooker extraction hood). When agreed, we provide additional or complete furnishings (including bed linen and towels). This service can be subject to a charge not covered by the standard lease. The basic lease price includes VAT, utilities (water, heating, electricity), cleaning common areas, use of a common laundry room, waste disposal, minor maintenance (doesn’t include standard use-related works), basic equipment, internet (as per the service provider’s current facilities), reception services (for a limited time period during the day), satellite reception, and digital terrestrial broadcast reception. The lease doesn’t include broadcast fees (radio or TV)—this is the responsibility of the suite user (tenant).


Leasable suites are suitable for individuals, couples, and families. They’re primarily one or two-room. One-room suites have a separate mezzanine floor for sleeping and are divided into three categories, depending on size—SMALL, MEDIUM, or LARGE one-room suites. Regarding two-room suites, there are two categories depending on size—STANDARD and COMFORT. Most two-room suites include a mezzanine floor for sleeping (or storing your possessions).


The entire house has a high-speed WiFi connection (with speed limited to individual endpoint users, to show consideration for other occupants). If a tenant doesn’t want to use the connection for any reason, they can arrange their individual internet access. Each suite also has a satellite reception and standard digital broadcast reception, in the DVB-T2 standard. All tenants can use the common indoor laundry, free of charge. Lease services also include regular suite maintenance (some works may be subject to a fee) and cleaning common areas. Individual or regular housekeeping can be arranged, including the change of bed linen and towels (this service is subject to a charge). There’s also a reception desk with limited business hours, and a non-stop phone line for emergencies or the provision of information.


Tenants must pay a refundable deposit at the start of their lease. The amount depends on the length of lease and the furnishings being leased. Usually, it’s equivalent to the price of leasing a suite for two months. The payment is typically settled in cash upon the signing of a lease agreement. In emergencies, the deposit can be paid by transfer—usually in case of advance payments, though the terms must be agreed in advance (tenants aren’t automatically entitled to this option).

Lease can be paid in one of two ways—in cash, or by bank transfer. Cash payments can be done only in the local currency, i.e., CZK. A lease can’t be paid by card or in any other way. Due date is always stated in the lease agreement.