accommodation  services 

In case of short-term stays at our residence, we provide relevant services to satisfy our customers—typical hotel services but also those that are not common. Most of them are included in the accommodation price. Some are subject to an additional charge (guests are not obliged to use these chargeable services). Find the list of the most notable services below. If you want to learn more about the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 



basic services list


We also provide parking for our guests. This is a paid service depending on the location of the parking space. Our accommodation provides parking directly in front of the building (more expensive option) or in a parking garage approx. 250 meters (cheaper option). Or guests can park in the public paid parking lot on Velké náměstí (this option is outside our scope). In any case, parking must always be reserved in advance.


Each suite is connected to the indoor WiFi internet network—a high-speed connection, with individual endpoints limited to ensure a quality stable partial connection, with no collapse or loss of signal. The internet speed is suitable for working or entertainment. You’ll be always online with our internet.


You can order quality buffet breakfasts at the partnered hotel next to us (approximately 30 metres away). The menu offers a variety of hot and cold, sweet and savoury meals, including hot and cold beverages. Stays at our residence are not required to include breakfasts.


Our reception desk is located right next to the building’s main entrance and is connected to the office, i.e., our administration facilities. The reception desk isn’t usually accessible to guests; its purpose is to facilitate communication with guests, or handle incoming guests. The staff is available in the adjacent office, or you can encounter us around the house. We can help you with common administrative tasks (print / scan / copying). The reception desk’s business hours are limited.


Guests always check into a clean suite. We provide regular housekeeping during their stay, depending on the length of the stay (usually every 3–4 days). This includes emptying the waste bins, as well as changing the bed linen and towels. Regular housekeeping can also be ordered individually (chargeable service).


To satisfy fans of sedentary entertainment, each suite has a flat-screen TV which receives the standard digital terrestrial signal, in the DVB-T2 standard. This service is supplemented by a ASTRA 1 and HOTBIRD 13 satellite reception, in the DVB-S2 standard. The satellites transmit a copious amount of free foreign-language channels.


While staying with us, guests can use the common laundry to wash and dry their clothes. The room containing washing machines and dryers (laundry) is a part of the house and is available non-stop, completely free of charge. There is no order assigned so you don’t need to book the room in advance. On request, the reception desk can give you laundry capsules or lend you an iron and/or ironing board without charge.


Standard check-in time is from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the first day of your stay. Earlier check-in can be arranged, depending on the current occupancy rate and only by mutual agreement. Later check-in can be done only if relevant conditions are met, also after prior mutual agreement. Late check-ins don’t have the benefit of the reception desk’s assistance.


Standard check-out time is by 11:00 p.m. This is also when the validity of your parking, paid by us, ends and you need to hand in all of the parking cards that we loaned to you, along with your room keys. The reception desk doesn’t assist you with leaving your suite. Requests for a late check-out are handled individually, usually taking the current occupancy rate into account. Such a request must be made to the reception desk in advance and can be subject to an additional charge (depending on the check-out time).


Public areas in our house are monitored by a camera system. The same applies to such areas as the indoor bicycle room, laundry, and reception desk. This makes the building perfectly safe and theft- or vandalism-proof. To protect our guests’ privacy, we only view the camera records if house safety is compromised.


Indoor areas also include rooms for storing bicycles and prams. You can keep your bicycle in a designated space (roofed) in the courtyard or in a covered room by the building’s rear entrance. The same room houses prams. Guests can take their bicycles and prams to their suites, or leave them in the corridor by their suites. Our spacious entrance fully accommodates you when you need to move such items around the house.


We can loan you baby cots with all the necessary bed linen to families with small children. Travel cots are easy to move and the sheets are sent to the laundry after each use, or we wash them ourselves. This service is subject to a fee. Naturally we have no objection to families bringing their own cots.


During the reception desk’s business hours but especially outside them, you can always reach us by calling the number of our non-stop phone line. In this way we can handle all of your relevant questions and naturally help you solve any issue. If necessary (i.e., in night hours), our employee will pay you a visit to resolve the situation personally. The phone number is +420 727 920 882.


The building’s ground floor houses an authentic Indian-Nepalese restaurant (TANDOOR RESTAURANT). This isn’t an affiliated business. The restaurant serves various meals from the cuisine of these countries’, starting with lunch and ending with leisurely late dinners.


The Mlsoun café and wine bar sells a diverse assortment of excellent coffee, quality wine, and additional range of products, such as desserts, chocolate, small refreshment, etc. The renowned firm is highly sought-after, among other things due to its regular tasting evenings.


To ensure the comfort of our guests, we provide a personal lift which allows you to move between the residential floors without limits. This is an easy way to transport people, luggage, bicycles, prams, or immobile citizens. The lift can hold 12 people, i.e., is suitable for large groups.


There’s a box by the main entrance to the building, whereby the main purpose is to accommodate our guests who are arriving late or at night. The box is large enough to hold keys for a guest to collect after entering a password and therefore enter the building or their suite. The box allows guests to arrive outside the reception desk’s business hours, with no further assistance on our part.


There are several payment methods for accommodation—in cash, by card, by transfer, or by benefit vouchers. Cash payments can be done in CZK or EUR (no other currency is accepted). If you choose to pay by card, you can do so on the spot or remotely, with the card owner’s permission. We accept most payment cards. Payments by transfer are done so on the basis of a prior written order (this option is subject to the operator’s evaluation and guests aren’t entitled to it). Last but not least, we also accept various benefit cards and vouchers (their use needs to be reported in advance).