boromeum  current project 

In 2002, the idea arose to build a project that was missing in Hradec Králové, ie the offer to rent tastefully and modernly furnished apartments in the city center. In the same year, we started looking for a suitable property in Hradec Králové in which we could realize our intention. We went through a number of properties and negotiated the purchase of several suitable objects. The most interesting and suitable offer came from the city of Hradec Králové at the end of 2002 in the form of a tender for the property of old Boromeo. At this time, the condition of the property was very neglected. The roof of the building was in a desolate state, it flowed into the building. There was no ceiling between the 3rd floor and the attic, and some windows were missing on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Roughly half of the building was occupied by tenants with regulated rent, the other half had been empty for several years and considerably devastated.

The building was in a desolate state, but its layout, history and location confirmed that it was the right choice for our project. We applied for a tender, which took place in several rounds, and in March 2004 we purchased the building from the city and began preparatory work for the reconstruction. 2004 was a year of project preparation and obtaining a building permit and other necessary approvals.



In 2005 and 2006, ground floor non-residential premises and approximately 50% of residential premises were reconstructed, where 23 new fully furnished apartments were created. Of the entire property, only the perimeter walls battered from the plaster and several original vaulted ceilings remain. All new ceiling structures, interior installations, plaster, windows, doors and other equipment were newly installed. At the end of 2006, the building was successfully approved, thus launching a completely new BOROMEUM RESIDENCE operation.

Unfortunately, due to the occupation of the original tenants, it was not possible to reconstruct the entire building at once, so the second half was reconstructed in 2010 and 2011.

Another 17 apartments were built from the original flats and unused land, a new spacious elevator was built, a new roof was installed and a new facade of the building was made.

Since 2012, a new phase of use of the building has begun, which now includes a total of 40 apartments and 2 non-residential gastronomic establishments on the ground floor. During several years of operation, the building became known to both the Hradec Králové public and visitors to Hradec Králové. We are glad that we were able to participate in the reconstruction and revitalization of such a beautiful and important building and we found a use for it in the form of our hotel operation and residential housing project.

The fact that our intention and implementation of the entire project were successful is evidenced by its use and the positive evaluation of our guests and tenants, to whom we try to ensure a cozy and comfortable living.

Jan Novotný (project manager)
Miloš Kratochvíl (marketing, trade and operation of the building)